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  • Entered Conference Room
  • Booked work calendar
  • Shared presentation with room

It's software for your building

Robin uses the latest sensors and wireless technology to connect the people, devices, and systems you already have. Helping rooms react, and everyone work smarter — together.


"Is someone here?"

A smart space knows when it's occupied and when it's empty. When nearby people (and things) know about each other, they can work together.

Robin-enabled rooms detect people entering the room and when they leave. This data can be used to automatically manage, book and track the availability of conference rooms, and generate reports of usage over time.

See nearby people with Robin


Nice to meet you.

A smarter space knows who is in the room, but first you need a way to introduce yourself.

A Robin Identity contains information like name, department, and calendars. Identities are digital and can be paired to devices such as phones, keychains, or even wearables like Fitbit. Easy.

Robin automatically shares your approved persona with nearby sensors and tailors room interactions just for you.

Learn more about how Identity works

Link your accounts to rooms with a Robin Identity


Walking in is signing in.

When presence and identity combine, you can take control of your environment too. Robin connects users with a room’s objects, so they start working for you.

Once connected, you get amazing things like the apps below.

Control devices with Robin

Self-booking conference rooms

Your conference table, the personal assistant.

When two people sit down together, Robin understands what it means. With Robin at the helm, conference rooms learn how to manage their own calendars, share files, and keep track of what’s onscreen without fumbling for the DVI converter box… or whatever that thing is.

Susan knows. Can somebody please get her for a moment?

Conference room app

Personalized digital signage

Keep your phone in your pocket. We’ll let you know when you’re needed.

Displays running Robin know who’s nearby, and adjust their content to match. Use it to see if someone’s looking for you, coordinate a team's calendars, and build personalized dashboards that follow you around.

Work in a maze? Paired with live maps, buildings can give indoor turn-by-turn directions to users on the move. Please keep your eyes on the hall though, we'd rather not have to fish you out of the lobby fountain.

Robin Digital Signage

Live maps

Quit playing hide and seek.

With a real time overview of rooms, Robin makes the phrase “Where the hell is…?” as obsolete as “Who makes your horseshoes…?” Co-workers can quickly locate available rooms, people, and equipment.

Visibility of insights like foot traffic and room usage helps operations reduce overhead and plan future improvements. An industrious team could even adjust their HVAC and lighting using a certain platform API.

Live mapping app

Bring Robin to your office

If you believe the workplace deserves better, our team of future evangelists would like to meet you. Introduce yourself and become one of the first companies to get Robin in your office.

Have something else in mind? Email [email protected] instead.

Robin can do much more

The office is just a good start.

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Developers, of course there's an API. Let your imagination run wild and sign up for the beta.