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Laptop with Robin Logo
Laptop with Robin Logo

Connect the people & devices in a room

What if you logged into a room simply by walking through the door? Robin makes it dead simple to build and run apps for real world spaces. Built with developers in mind from day one.

The office, powered by Robin

Making work delightful, one room at a time.

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How it works

Robin powers applications and identities in connected spaces.

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Laptop with Robin Logo


If a device can connect to the Internet, it can connect to Robin.

Laptop with Robin Logo

Monitor & control

Robin monitors each connected device in a room, so you can automate events.

Laptop with Robin Logo

Integrate apps

Apps that integrate with Robin have access to other devices and people on the platform. When these things work together, they make smarter decisions.

Laptop with Robin Logo

How it works for builders

Robin helps connected devices talk to each other and their users.

Not technical?

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Start with a connected device

Where firmware stops, Robin starts. Use our API's to augment (or replace) your device backend.

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Stream data to Robin

Robin generates and stores a profile for your device. Once on Robin, share its data with other devices.

Laptop with Robin Logo

Control devices and build apps

Data is accessible to any app you choose to share it with — apps you can install onto rooms, buildings, and campuses.

Laptop with Robin Logo

Expand via Robin's API

Extend Robin’s capabilities thru oAuth applications. Use our presence engine to bring identity context to your device or application.

Laptop with Robin Logo

Connected spaces

Robin has been the foundation of connected offices, events, and "Internet of Things" infrastructure for the past few years.

  • News Corp
  • Facebook
  • Nikon
  • Time Inc
  • Warner Music Group
  • Budweiser

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